Team Building Chesapeake

Make your team building event effective and exciting on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Your team will be completely engaged, have fun, and meet your organization’s team building goals.

Everyone is on equal ground and no one will be stranded ashore (or left adrift).  Go for a half day, full day or as long as you like — your unique Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay area experience awaits!

Sailing Regattas:

There are several ways to achieve the goal of building team cohesion utilizing the sport of sailing. Sailing involves both work and manual dexterity in order to effect forward movement. During a race the team must strategize ways of beating the other boats. Good wind can make for very quick and important decisions – hewing close to a line while avoiding other boats for example when in close quarters rounding a marker. Light winds on the other hand can be equally challenging forcing the team to figure out how to generate movement and speed in less than stellar conditions..

At SRBR we offer races that are short sprints with fun twists that fully engage the team – creative race formats using the full repertoire of sailing skills while offering the opportunity to fulfill more than one challenge.

Poker Run:

The Poker Run takes place on power boats with captains. Each team must guess the location of playing cards safely hidden on the river and creeks from the supplied clues. One card is taken from each location. The strategy is to glean the best poker hand possible from the selection of cards that are available.You dream it, we can help you do it!  Contact us today!



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